Technologies of Cross-Domain Data Exchange



CADDE documentation consists of the following 1 to 7. Please refer to the CADDE documentation list.
  1. High Level Requirement + Requirements
    This document describes the high-level requirements for the CADDE concept.
  2. Use Case
    This document describes use cases for data integration using CADDE's functions and services.
  3. Functional Architecture
    This document defines the architecture of CADDE.
  4. External Specification (APIs)
    This document defines the external specifications of CADDE's functions and services, API specifications (interface definitions used via networks for functions and services).
  5. Implementation Note
    This document describes examples of CADDE system implementations.
  6. Social Deployment Issue
    This is a document that describes the efforts for social deployment.
  7. Schedule, Development process
    Documents related to the schedule and process of this research.
  8. Others
    Introduction to CADDE and other technical information.
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