Technologies of Cross-Domain Data Exchange

Technical Overview

Overview of CADDE

Illustrated: Cross-Domain Data Exchange(CADDE Data Exchange)


In the second phase of the SIP (the Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program) Cross-Domain Data Exchange, a mechanism that enables data discovery and use across disciplines is proposed as CADDE (Connector Architecture for Decentralized Data Exchange) as a connector architecture for decentralized data exchange.

In CADDE, data exchange is realized through a network of connectors. Distributed data providers and data users participate in this network by providing connectors that serve as contact points for each other. In the data exchange between connectors, functions such as authentication and authorization, contract management, and Data Lineage Management are invoked and used as necessary.

CADDE provides tools and services to support not only the process of data exchange, but also the functions required in a series of phases of data utilization, such as data description vocabulary sharing, data discovery, and data transformation.

Data Preparation Phase

Data providers use Support Function For Developing Data Catalog Service to create catalog sites. They can also use Controlled Vocabulary Designer to create interoperable data, for example, by finding and using existing vocabularies from Vocabulary Repositories Service.

Data Catalog Item Specifications Support Function For Developing Data Catalog Service Controlled Vocabulary Designer Vocabulary Repositories Service
Data Use Planning Phase

Data providers create data catalogs using Support Function For Developing Data Catalog Service. They can also create their own vocabularies by referencing existing vocabularies using Controlled Vocabulary Designer, or they can create highly interoperable data by registering their own vocabularies in Vocabulary Repositories Service or searching for and using existing vocabularies.

Cross-Domain Data Catalog Search
Data Use Agreement Phase

If a data user needs to contract with a data provider to use the data you have discovered, s/he can use contract management and authentication/authorization services to ensure proper access control and data exchange.

Connector Contract Management & Authentication/Authorization Trust Federation
Data Utilization Phase

CADDE provides specifications and services to assist data usage. In addition, multiple use cases already exist. Please see "Demonstration and Verification" for details.

Data Editing Support
History Confirmation Phase

The Data Lineage Management can confirm who provided the data, to whom, and how the data is reused after the data is provided.

Data Lineage Management
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