Technologies of Cross-Domain Data Exchange

Providing Secure and Trustworthy Commons
for Data Exchange

Starting from Society 5.0 “The Era of Data”

Next-generation data platform

For data providers


Create more opportunities for data utilization and reduce the burden before providing data

For data users


Data from different disciplines/organizations are easier to find and use, and costs are reduced when using new data

For data market operators


Reduces the burden of managing data resources

For International data distributors


Data can be distributed through a mechanism that conforms to international standards.

Technologies of Cross-Domain Data Exchange

The objective of the SIP Phase 2 development of infrastructure Technologies of Cross-Domain Data Exchange is to establish a mechanism that enables the discovery and use of data beyond the boundaries of disciplines. To this end, we are proceeding with development based on the following principles


To provide a basic venue and a variety of tools that can be used in order to enable the exchange of safe and secure data in an open and unrestricted manner.

  • Distributed federal architecture to connect data distribution in the field.
  • Designed for compatibility with existing technologies
  • Highly versatile function-specific hierarchical structure that can handle everything from open data to business data
  • A variety of services and tools to support various stages of data use, from data generation to discovery, contracting, exchange, and history management
  • Linkage with trust infrastructure to facilitate international collaboration
  • Simple architecture for easy implementation
Proposed Architecture

This project proposes a mechanism for data discovery and use across disciplines as CADDE (Connector Architecture for Decentralized Data Exchange; CADDE).

In CADDE, data exchange is realized through a network of connectors. Distributed data providers and data users participate in this network by providing connectors that serve as contact points for each other. In the data exchange between connectors, functions such as authentication and authorization, contract management, and history management are invoked and used as needed.

CADDE provides tools and services to support not only the process of data exchange, but also the functions required in a series of phases of data utilization, such as data description vocabulary sharing, data discovery, and data transformation.

Illustrated: Cross-Domain Data Exchange(CADDE Data Exchange)
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